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Sea Moss 92 Minerals: What Do They Do To Our Body?

The human body naturally requires 102 different minerals and vitamins to function properly. However, sometimes we have too few of a certain mineral or vitamin in our body, which can have serious negative side effects.

Did you know that there’s an ingredient that contains a whopping 92 out of the 102 minerals that the human body needs? As a result, sea moss, used for dietary and medicinal purposes since the mid-1800s, has been heralded as a “superfood.” 

The 102 Minerals That Make Up The Human Body

Also known as Irish moss, this ingredient can help individuals consume essential minerals and vitamins without planning elaborate meals or taking additional supplements.

Obviously, 92 minerals would take us a long time to cover in just one blog post completely. Still, we want to talk to you about ten of the most vital minerals and vitamins that sea moss contains, as well as what they do for the human body.

1) Potassium – Promotes A Stronger Immune System

sea moss helps promote stronger immune system

First, let’s talk about one of the sea moss minerals that contributes to a better immune system, although many have been closely tied to improved immune defenses. 

The human body requires potassium for proper heart, muscle, kidney, nerve, and digestive system functioning. However, potassium chloride is also commonly helpful to people struggling to heal or recover from sickness. 

If you frequently get colds or feel under the weather, you should ensure you’re consuming between 3,500 and 4,700 mg of potassium every day. Most people don’t get that much, which is why sea moss can be an excellent addition to your regular diet.

Raw sea moss contains roughly 63 mg of potassium per 100 grams. Couple that with some other potassium-rich foods, like bananas and spinach, to get your entire recommended serving. 

2) Sulfur – Creates Smoother, Healthier Skin

sulfur in irish sea moss helps create healthier and smooter skin

All sea moss is considered to be sulfur-rich. Therefore, this mineral is a great addition to most skin care routines, although it’s not normally a mineral we all look for in our products.

When applied topically, sulfur can eliminate unwanted microorganisms that contribute to acne. In addition, when ingested, many natural health practitioners believe it can improve the quality of your fingernails, skin, and other tissues.

If you want to increase your use of sulfur in your anti-aging beauty regime, you can use a sea moss gel for topical application or use dried or gel sea moss in your cooking or baking.

3) Iodine – Improve Thyroid Function

iodine in sea moss improves thyroid functions 

Sea moss contains roughly 47 mg of iodine per gram. That’s a higher percentage than a can of tuna or a glass of milk, both of which are considered to be iodine-rich. 

Iodine does many things in your body, but one of its key roles is assisting your thyroid with managing your metabolism and mood. The mineral contributes to the production of essential thyroid hormones, and when you lack iodine, you could experience fatigue, constipation, and weakness, among other symptoms.

Because the human body does not naturally produce iodine, you’ll need to get it from your diet – roughly 140 micrograms per day. Sea moss can potentially help you hit that goal and maintain a regular amount of iodine in your system.

4) Iron – Boosts Your Mood And Energy

iron boosts mood and energy sea moss drink

Without iron, our body cannot properly grow, develop, or produce red blood cells. When we experience iron depletion, “anemia” can cause us to feel fatigued, weak, and dizzy.

Anemia is especially common in women, who store roughly a third of the iron men store in their bodies. As a result, we all need to consume between 9.7 and 14.8 mg per day to combat iron deficiency, depending on our size and sex. 

Sea moss contains a staggering 9 milligrams of iron per 100 grams. That’s a far higher percentage than that of chicken. So the next time you’re feeling fatigued or low on energy, you may want to consider mixing up a sea moss smoothie rather than turning to a meat-heavy meal.

5) Vitamin B12 – Assists In Red Blood Cell Production

vitamin b12 assists in red blood cell production 

If your body doesn’t have enough vitamin B12 in its system, it will struggle to produce enough red blood cells and carry oxygen through your body. Unfortunately, this can also lead to anemia, as well as make you feel tired and weak.

Your body needs between 190 and 950 picograms per milliliter of blood to create enough red blood cells for proper oxygenation. Although low B12 levels are relatively rare in people who eat balanced diets, some do need to take supplements to raise their levels.

Many vegans or strict vegetarians struggle to ingest enough B12, primarily found in animal products such as meat, chicken, fish, eggs, and dairy. Fortunately for these individuals, sea moss is an excellent vegan cooking substitute and contains a hefty percentage of B12. 

6) Magnesium – Helps With Muscle & Nerve Function


Every single cell in your body contains magnesium and needs it to function properly. However, research indicates that only about half of Europeans and Americans ingest the recommended daily amount of the mineral.

Without enough magnesium, your body will struggle to send messages from the brain to the nervous system. Additionally, your muscles will struggle to contract and relax properly.

Two tablespoons of sea moss contain roughly 14.4 mg of magnesium. Considering that women need between 310 to 320 mg of magnesium a day, and men require 400 to 420 mg, a healthy daily serving of this sea moss mineral could help maintain your nervous system.

7) Calcium – Maintains Strong Bones

calcium helps maintain strong bones 

Ever since we were young, we were taught that calcium was important for strong bones. It’s also essential for proper muscle movement, nerve system transmissions, and hormone releases. 

Many of us were taught to drink lots of milk to get enough of the mineral, but that’s not the only way we can (or should) ingest calcium.

According to the World Health Organization, how much calcium you need daily depends on your age and sex, but the average adult typically needs around 500 mg. Just ten grams of sea moss contains 7.2 milligrams of calcium, about half of the percentage found in 1% fat milk.

8) Silicon – Gives Skin Its Elasticity

silicon gives skin elasticity

Silicon is a key mineral in our body, and yet it’s often underestimated. Without it, our bodies would struggle to form cartilage and bone, as well as the collagen that helps our skin stay elastic as we age.

By the time we are 21 years old, the amount of collagen in our skin is already reduced by one percent. From there, our collagen levels continue to drop by another one to two percent yearly, contributing to the formation of wrinkles and other signs of aging. 

Many women have started including collagen in their daily beauty regimes to keep their skin looking younger and less wrinkled, but another option is to ingest more silicon. Irish moss is silicon-rich, and when consumed regularly, can be a powerful addition to any skincare routine. 

9) Copper – Helps Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

copper prevents cardiovascular diseases 

Copper is yet another undervalued mineral that all of our bodies need. Without it, we can’t properly absorb and use iron to form red blood cells.

Additionally, some research has found that sufficient copper in our diets may help prevent cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, and arrhythmias.

Sea moss contains a relatively high level of copper, and when ingested, can be an excellent way to increase your copper levels safely. We often recommend pairing our Irish moss with seeds, nuts, and whole-grain products to reach an adequate copper level.

10) Phosphorus – Contributes To Bone And Teeth Formation

phosphorous helps with bone and teeth formation 

Lastly, let’s talk about phosphorus, the second most abundant mineral in the body behind calcium. Like calcium, this nutrient contributes to the growth of strong bones and teeth. About 85 percent of our body’s phosphorus is found in these two areas.

Although phosphorus deficiency is relatively uncommon in the United States, it can result in anemia, muscle weakness, coordination problems, bone pain, and infections.

If you’re over the age of 20, you likely need to ingest between 1,189 mg and 1,596 mg of phosphorus daily, depending on your sex and weight. Considering that 100 grams of sea moss contain an impressive 157 mg of the mineral, it’s no wonder that the moss could be a great way to increase your consumption of phosphorus. 

In Conclusion 

Just listing ten important sea moss minerals reveals how many essential minerals and vitamins the superfood contains.

We aren’t doctors, and we don’t claim to have answers to all nutrient deficiencies, but we do feel confident staying that sea moss contains many of the ingredients we need to stay strong and healthy. If you’ve been feeling weak, ill, or just out of sorts, talk to a health professional about the key minerals you need to target.

The next time you consider trying some new cleanse or switching up your beauty routine, we encourage you to give sea moss a try. It’s a great way to give your body a healthy dose of the minerals and vitamins it so desperately craves.

About Freshly Rooted Tribe Inc.

freshly rooted tribe products

We began selling sea moss in 2019 when we decided to lead a healthier, more natural lifestyle as a family. Freshly Rooted Tribe only sells high-quality, naturally harvested Irish sea moss straight from the ocean. We don’t grow our product in labs, nor do we alter its ingredients. 

If you have questions about our products or the benefits of sea moss, check out our FAQ page. You can also reach us by calling 707-361-9372 or send us a message online. 

Our goal is simple: to help you and yours lead happier, healthier lives by selling trustworthy, nutritional products. Let us know how we can help you on your journey.

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