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How Often Should You Drink Soursop Tea?

f you’re a part of the wellness industry, or if you’re simply looking for ways to improve your health, you’ve likely heard of soursop tea. It’s a popular topic across social media, health blogs, and many reputable publications.

Also known as “Graviola” or “guanábana,” soursop is a fruit that’s made big waves in recent years. Today, natural health gurus are heralding its benefits. Some say soursop can fight infections, while others consume it for its immunity-boosting antioxidants.

Many people choose to ingest soursop’s benefits via its tea form. The question is, how much soursop tea do you need to drink, and how often?

To help you out, we’re tackling that question and more in this Freshly Rooted Tribe blog post. Learn more about soursop tea, how to drink it, and its potential benefits.

What Is Soursop Tea?

soursop fruit and leaves

Known as a tried-and-true “immunity booster,” soursop tea hails from the tropical regions of the Americas, as well as the Caribbean and parts of Africa. The fruit itself tastes similar to a mango or pineapple, but when its leaves are used to brew a tea, it embodies a muskier, less intense flavor.

Ancient practices indicate that soursop was used for a variety of purposes, including treating illness and fertility issues. Now, many continue to use soursop for a range of health benefits, which we’ll dive into later in this post.

Interestingly, soursop tea is not “tea” in the traditional sense. Unlike black or green tea, it is not made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. It also does not contain caffeine.

As an herbal drink, soursop tea can be combined with other ingredients to add flavor and additional health benefits. For example, some add fruit or herbal tea blends while others mix in matcha or spices.

How Much Soursop Tea Should You Drink?

how much soursop tea should you drink

This is a question we get asked quite often at Freshly Rooted Tribe. People want to know what serving size is appropriate, especially if they are drinking soursop tea daily.

Typically, we advise our new users to start slowly and keep it simple. Begin with one average-sized cup a day and pay attention to how it affects your body. Because tea consumption varies from person to person, you’ll need to feel your body’s needs and preferences.

Most soursop tea drinkers find that their ideal serving of soursop tea lies between one and three cups a day, depending on their size and habits.

If you are consuming soursop in other manners, not just in tea, you’ll likely want to lower your serving to one or one half-cup per day.

You’ll also need to account for the number of tea leaves you’re using in each cup. We usually recommend placing one to two mature leaves in boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes. If the leaves are younger and smaller, you may need three to four to achieve the same strength.

If you purchase soursop tea that’s already placed in individual bags, you’ll only need one bag per cup of soursop tea.

How Often Should You Drink Soursop Tea?

what is soursop tea

We recommend beginning with one cup of soursop tea in the morning to see how it interacts with your body throughout the rest of the day.

If you have done that for a week or two and want to push the healing benefits of soursop tea, you can add in a second cup later in the day. Many of our customers choose to drink one cup before breakfast and their second cup while preparing their dinner.

If you like to ingest up to three cups a day, it’s a good idea to orient your tea servings around your regular meal times. For example, drinking a cup 30 minutes before you usually eat ensures you’re working with your body’s natural digestion cycle and energy consumption.

As you build up your tea drinking habits, remember that soursop doesn’t always have immediate effects on the body. Most of the benefits take days or even weeks to manifest.

Therefore, it’s important to maintain a regular practice and routinely ingest the tea (preferably at similar times of the day). As with any habit, it takes time and dedication to experience the fullest benefits – both physically and mentally.

Benefits Of Drinking Soursop Tea Regularly

Many positive effects can come with drinking soursop tea regularly. Not only is soursop high in vitamin C (which boosts immunity), but it’s also heavy in other antioxidants that protect you from many diseases and health problems.

Furthermore, soursop tea is known to:

  • Promote healthy digestion
  • Prevent constipation
  • Contain anti-carcinogenic properties
  • Fight bodily inflammation
  • Stabilize blood pressure
  • Help prevent heart disease
  • Fight against many kinds of bacteria
  • Help people sleep better

sousop tea helps people sleep better

Although more research is necessary to learn the full extent of soursop’s effects on the human body, countless testimonies are heralding the benefits of drinking soursop tea regularly. Preliminary scientific studies also support many of the benefits listed above.

To learn more about what soursop could do for you, check out our full blog post on ways soursop tea can benefit your health.

Who Should Drink Soursop Tea?

adults drinking soursop tea

Most adults can drink soursop tea and reap its health benefits with little to no risk. Additionally, because soursop tea is caffeine-free, it’s a great solution for those looking for a hot drink that won’t make them feel jittery or anxious.

Soursop tea is also an excellent supplement for individuals working to fight cancer, immune system concerns, or bacterial infections. As we just mentioned, the fruit’s various properties can help the body fight off disease and infection.

We do not recommend soursop tea only for those with nerve damage, liver problems, or kidney issues. You should also not serve soursop tea to children.

It may be okay for pregnant women to ingest, but we recommend all individuals check with their doctor before starting any supplement treatment.

Ready To Try Soursop Tea?

Sour Sop

There are many ways to ingest soursop, from smoothies to juices, but tea is by far the most popular choice. By drinking one to three cups a day, individuals can safely reap the benefits of the fruit without majorly changing their diets or making separate meals.

If you’re ready to give soursop tea a try, go slow and start with tea bags from a seller you trust. As with any popular health supplement, there’s a range of quality when it comes to soursop tea, and you want to know you’re trying an authentic product.

Freshly Rooted Tribe’s Soursop Tea

At Freshly Rooted Tribe, we handcraft organic soursop tea leaves in 15 biodegradable tea bags. All of our soursop leaves are sourced directly from Grenada, which is currently the only country in the world that does not have a pest problem affecting its soursop trees.

You’ll find that our high-quality soursop tea leaves have a smooth, subtle taste – but powerful benefits. This is the same tea our family drinks for its immunity-boosting properties. We pride ourselves on only offering products that we’d serve to our friends and family.

Learn more about our soursop tea from our website, and if you’re ready to give it a try, place your first order. For suggestions on how to use soursop, or to ask questions about our other products, give us a call at (707) 297-6550. You can also send us a message online or browse our health blog.

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