Soursop Tea


  • Organic tea leaves handcrafted in 15 biodegradable tea bags. This powerful leaf gives a smooth, subtle taste. Grown out of the country of Grenada, the only country in the world that does not have any pest that attacks our soursop trees.
  • Boost and strengthens immunity.
  • Help fight free radicals and our sea moss clean it out our system, a dynamic duo.

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  1. Jade Ingandello (verified owner)

    The benefits of drinking soursop tea may include some antibacterial and antiviral effects, as well as protection against certain cancers. The tea may also reduce inflammation, relieve pain and help prevent ulcers.
    Research on the benefits of soursop tea is very limited and preliminary, but it may help prevent certain types of cancer, relieve inflammation and reduce pain. studies show that extract of soursop is effective against an array of parasites, bacteria and viruses, including the herpes virus, according to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Preliminary lab studies indicate soursop has pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer properties. Early investigations also show the value of soursop leaves for treating diabetes.
    experiments have demonstrated the potential use of soursop leaves to treat cancer. This research suggests it may have value in fighting lung, breast, prostate, skin, pancreas and liver cancers. People have traditionally used soursop to treat other ailments, including obesity, insect stings, respiratory tract infections, kidney disorders and heart disease. I am in love with this product and if you do research on even being able to find the fruit it’s self that also brings upon incredible properties but if you pass up the chance to try the soursop tea you definitely are doing a disservice to yourself and your loved ones! I definitely give this product⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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