Freshly Rooted Tribe: A Health Awakening

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Freshly Rooted Tribe Owner in Store

If you’re anything like the majority of Americans, you may have self-soothed with one too many cocktails and homemade bread loaves throughout the course of the pandemic.

While these vices may have provided temporary relief from the emotional hardship of living through a global crisis, you may have noticed a decline in your health.

Maybe the stairs are becoming more mountainous or your jeans a little tighter (but really, who has worn them since March anyway?). Unzippable pre-Covid jeans or not, you may be looking to 2021 as a year of health reclamation.

Luckily, for Benicians and visitors alike, there is a health revolution burgeoning from a little downtown shop: Freshly Rooted Tribe.

Owners Chris and Audrey Ciancaglini are a husband and wife team. Hailing from Vallejo, these high school sweethearts turned married power couple share a healthcare background and a calling to help others. Shortly after their move to Benicia in 2013, Chris and Audrey decided to make healthier lifestyle choices to pass onto their children. This decision led them to venture into a vegan lifestyle, where they would soon discover

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